We thought about doing something special for the Action Man Collector and from owning the figures from when we were young, the era for us being Eagle Eyes, and fond memories of the SAS on the training tower and the Space Rangers. This could be a reason why we like those later figures.
This later in life started with trying to get my son interested in a figure that I enjoyed through my childhood and sadly he was not impressed, I think tablets and video games are more favourable but the one thing it did for me was to ignite a spark in the love of the figure again.
Never had you seen a figure with such amazing detail down to the dress uniforms, buttons, medals and other insignia to the array of weaponry that they would hold. The colours of the Lifeguards and the Blues and Royals, the sword, the spurs and placing them upon a horse was awesome.

We then started searching for more figures to expand our collection and we hunted the ebay as a first point of call, and the post arrived, and we unboxed the figure and it could not even stand, his legs fell from underneath him and his head fell off, his hands crumbled and broke away. This was turning out to be an expensive hobby looking for a decent figure.

We then decided with prior knowledge to re-string this figure using instructions found on the internet, and realised that the figure had associated problems with the method used. Move a leg to the left and then the right leg would follow, there was no independency of his limbs.
We sat down and devised a good method of restoring these using a similar technique to the original design and found the figure was amazing. 


This led us to attend our first action man show full of dedicated enthusiasts who had the same love of the hobby as we did and this is where we first met Rob Wisdom of www.actionmanhq.co.uk who has a page dedicated to the little chap.


In fact we believe that to this current day it is the most resourceful website for the Action Man Range and has fantastic images and detail. We became quite good friends within the collecting world and  it inspired us to launch String-Fellows which was greatly appreciated by others in the collectable market.

We also met with Daniel Smart of www.theforgottentoybox.co.uk who reflocks figures to an impeccable standard using his own subtle mix of flock to re-create the original finish and this is our choice for flocking the figures that get sent to us. 


When you walk round the shows you gain so much knowledge and you find out interesting and wonderful facts including speaking to Alan Hall of Modellers loft who created the 40th Anniversary range and faithfully reproduced most of the uniforms, and with this he launched three books detailing how the figures should be when you first opened their boxes on a Christmas Morning when you was young.
These shows carry on and are a regular fixture for those within the community and not to be missed.


We then started to restore other items and re-sold them back to collectors in mint condition taking a shine to vehicular fleet, stripping them down and cleaning, polishing, putting on fresh decals from actionmanhq and sourcing a supply of the original starlock hub caps to replace those rusted ones.
The vehicles gleamed and we own one of the largest personal collection of vehicles within the forums, last count being about 92 of them. God knows where we store it all.

Getting the best for your collection

For Action Man figures in very good condition we highly recommend 
Toy Planet on Facebook or
For those who love to kitbash or just find the uniqueness of their range then the berets and caps supplied by Mick Coxey who is on ebay.


For the collector where we display most of the projects we work on and items we sell then if you are an avid facebook user, the following forums are a must:

We hope you enjoy the hobby as much as we do and look forward to meeting you at the shows where we regularly hold our own stall.

♥  Sam and Ann (The Pink Ladies) ♥
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